Gay Camping Tips and Essentials / #djMe

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As you head on the road this summer with your gay buddies I’ve create a MUST have checklist for your camping experience. Take a look at the vid and one last tip stay on track and if you see a grizzly bear RUN!

1. Sick’ning Duffle Bag
2. Fierce Backpack
3. Tent & Sleeping Bag
4. Bug Spray
5. Tanning Lotion
6. Toothbrush
7. Sexy Speedos
8. Water Shoes
9. iPhone and Power #selfies
10. Journal

Gay Camping Checklist


Alyssa Edwards / Laganja Estranja / Play For Cash

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My FAVE queens Mother and Daughter get together to make a sick’ning video hunty. I don’t know where Alyssa comes up with this shit…. A real diva if I’ve ever seen one and she doesn’t ask for money like some queens.


djMe’s Top 10 Gay YouTube Videos

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Top Ten Gay YouTube Videos

djMe here to count down my top 10 favorite channels on YouTube. We start off with Miss DragQueen her self, then to black DIVA, baby gay twink, the Queens of all Queens, fancy old queen, Disco Queen, two pit bulls and a solid chocolate man! And hot and messy Queens!

1. Alyssa Edwards
2. Wendy Williams
3. lohanthony
4. OwnTV
5. In Bed With Joan
6. Yanis Marshall
7. Joseph Harwood
8. TwinMuscleWorkout
9. Brandon Carter
10. Willam Belli


Ariana Grande / Break Free / Zedd

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Ariana new album is looking to be HOT as she drops her lyric video which hopefully is her next single Break Free! In the EDM world Zedd would be a guy to work with and the baby these two produced is awesome!


Circuit Festival 2014 / Massive Gay Party / Barcelona

Circuit festival 2014
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Circuit Festival 2014

August 6th to the 17th 2014 – Barcelona


Gay Pride

Bitchy Queens Have Feelings Too!

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Gay Pride, OJ Simpson and Feelings.
In this video djMe talks about hot topics and even super old topics. #WTF I ask what is Pride coming to? Is it a rave now or are all ravers gay? Then lets cry a bit and talk about feelings. If your human then you have them! Happy, Sad, Excited, Grateful, Frustrated, and anything else you can feel let’s talk about it.

Hope you enjoy this super gay video :) by yours truly.

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